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This is the place to be! The Eastern Canada Orchid Society (ECOS) is a non-profit group of orchid hobbyists dedicated to promoting the art, science and culture of raising orchids in the Montréal area. Established in 1953, we are affiliated members of the Canadian Orchid Congress (COC) and the American Orchid Society (AOS). Our monthly meetings are a great opportunity to discover these fantastic plants, improve your growing skills, confer with experienced home-growers, and make friends. Guests are welcome to take in a meeting at any time!

Did you know?

The orchid family is the largest in the plant world with over 30,000 different species growing naturally around the globe. Orchids grow on every continent except Antarctica, and thrive under wildly varied environmental conditions. Some grow in the ground (such as our native Lady Slippers), some grow underground, and some grow on bare rock. Most grow above the ground, as epiphytes, attaching themselves to the bark of trees by means of their roots.

Join us …

We would love to help you get started, or join you, on your orchid adventure. At our meetings, we socialize and discuss various facets of orchid care. Members can trade or sell orchid plants and accessories. The highlight of every meeting is the show table; members display orchids in bloom and briefly describe their cultivation. It’s a wonderful opportunity to ask your orchid questions and learn more about these fascinating plants. Members also have access to our library of orchid reference books, and receive the bi-monthly ECOS newsletter.

Each Fall brings the excitement of our annual orchid show and sale – Orchidfête. Hobbyists, orchid societies and vendors alike get together to display orchids from all over the world. It’s fun and a great opportunity to purchase orchids and related accessories.


Our fall orchid extravaganza, with exhibits of plants, cut flower arrangements and educational displays. Judges from the American Orchid Society are on hand to judge individual plants and exhibits and confer AOS awards. Of course, many vendors of orchids and orchid supplies are also present


The “ECOS NEWS and VIEWS” The monthly newsletter of the Eastern Canada Orchid Society. (for members only)


Specialized books and journals on the culture, history and classification of orchids. (only members may borrow from the library)


Annual dues of $30 for individuals, $35 for couples; payable to the Eastern Canada Orchid Society, at the next meeting.