Aug 8, 2016

It is with great sadness that we relay the news that Mr. Mario Ferrusi has passed away after a lengthy illness. Mario owned and operated Marsh Hollow Orchids (, was an expert on Masdevallias and related cool-growing genera, was a respected AOS judge, a superlative teacher and mentor in the orchid community, and a stalwart supporter of ECOS.

Mario served as Head Judge for several of our Orchidfete shows and we will miss his keen eye and penetrating insight and his skill at organizing and running the judging effort.

We offer heartfelt condolences and deepest sympathies to his family. We hope they find some comfort in knowing that our thoughts are with them at this time.

June 21, 2016

On June 21, 2016, the members of ECOS, in accordance with their constitution, elected a new slate of Executive Officers to represent them and to conduct the business of the society. I am writing to announce to you the results of that election:

President: Mr. Laurens Verkade
Vice-President: Mr. Scott de Vito
Treasurer: Ms Sharon Pearce
Secretary: Ms Lesley Kelley-Regnier
Member at large: Ms Laura Bonnell

Mr. Brian Dunbar automatically moved to the advisory position of Past President.

Please join us in thanking Mr. Dunbar and the previous Executive for their devotion to ECOS and their hard work over the years.

This election introduced the first change of leadership for ECOS in many years and marks a turning point for the society. We trust that the transition will be as smooth as possible and we are counting on the cooperation of the former executive to ensure that ECOS can continue to grow and prosper.

We will have to face some challenges, and we have tight deadlines to meet as we reorganize and grow into a more effective, responsive and open organization. I am sure that we will be able to count on your cooperation and understanding in the days ahead. I also hope that you will join us for Orchidfete 2016, scheduled for October 15-16 this year.

We look forward to working with you towards the greater prosperity and future growth of the Canadian orchid community.


Laurens Verkade
Eastern Canada Orchid Society (ECOS)